October 6, 2015

Summer 2015 Wrap-Up

Before I get into Fall activities, I would like to do a quick summary of what all we did this summer.  Lydia was too young to really enjoy the summer but James was at a great age to do so much.  He loved all the outdoor activities, including the beach and visits to the bay.  This should sum up the Summer of 2015 for the Wallaces.
At the beginning of the summer, we played in the yard a lot since Lydia was too small to go too many places.  James still had a blast staying at home!

We had our share of picnics at Railroad Park

Sweet baby girl :)

Early June, we went to the beach for a week!  James had a blast in the pool and on the beach!

Lydia liked the beach too!

We went to the Pirates and Princess breakfast at the Hangout again.  James enjoyed his ring pop that they gave him BEFORE the food came out.  Grrrrr...

Lyida slept the whole time. I'm looking forward to her being older next summer so she can dress up like a princess for the breakfast :)

James had his first boat ride while we were at the beach this summer.  We went on a sunset cruise to watch dolphins.  He loved every minute of it! 

This is the only good picture we got of the dolphins.  They came pretty close to the boat so James really got to see them. We just didn't get a picture quick enough.

Papa went with us. I think they had a good time together :)

James got his first face painting of a dolphin.  He didn't want anyone to touch it the whole night!

Back at the beach condo, Lydia was all smiles as usual

James played putt putt for the first time and loved it!

Lydia slept in her car seat while James played.  Poor Lydia!
For the 4th of July we went to Nannie's and Papa's.  James swam the whole weekend.

He also got some Lydia snuggles

Sweet Big Brother!

This is what Daddy did :)

We also got to see my brother, sister in-law their two boys.  

Love this face!

James and Thomas always have so much fun together

We had many trips to the Birmingham Zoo throughout the summer.  Here are some pictures from one of our visits.  It's pretty much the same thing every time.


We went to McWane Science Center quite a few times as well :)


This summer we took a chance and went to Alabama Splash Adventure in Bessemer, AL.  James had a blast!

The last week of summer, we celebrated James' 3rd birthday!  I can't believe how big he is.  He is the light of our worlds and the apple of my eye.  We love you so much James!
It started out with a surprise of a balloon-filled room!

Then, we went to McWane Science Center to celebrate with friends and family

And Lydia slept

The Summer of 2015 was an eventful and exciting summer. It was the first summer as a family of four.  Lydia was so young and not able to do a whole lot but sleep.  But James didn't skip a beat.  He played so hard and loved every minute of it!  I was so sad to see summer go but I'm looking forward to our first fall as a family of four and the upcoming holidays to come!

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