January 13, 2012

Fourteen and counting!

Since Christmas, we have had an exciting few weeks.  We went to the beach for a long weekend over the New Year's Holiday.  There, we spent time relaxing and hanging out with friends.  My best friend from Boston, Annie, came in town on Thursday night to see us!  It was so good catching up with her again!  Please move back???!!!

Coming back from the beach was really hard this time.  We knew what was coming.... BUSY season (aka tax season).  January 1st is so bitter-sweet.  We are excited about what the new year will bring us but we are also dreading busy season.  No more weekends to relax on the couch.  No more leaving work at a decent time.  No more fun!

But, what was TRULY the most fun part of the new year was...

Number 14 Baby!!

We had a great time watching it with friends.  At first, we were all pretty tense.  We were just waiting for LSU to make a big play and be back in the game.  But NO!!!  How dare I underestimate our defense and the best coach in college football!! How dare I...?

So, once again we are back to planning for a busy time at work.  Sorry friends if you never see for a while.  Just wait until April 15th...