May 13, 2013

8 Months!

James turned 8 months old about two weeks ago! (I know I'm a little behind).  He is still such a happy baby and so much fun!  He weighs about 18 pounds and is about 28.5 inches long.  We aren't sure of the exact measurements since we haven't had to go to the doctor in a while!
James is eating so much these days.  He has about 28 ounces of formula and three meals of day of Stage 2 vegetables and fruits.  Still no teeth but I just love his toothless grin :) He is working very hard on crawling but can't quite get the courage to take the first step.  Just this past weekend, he pulled up all by himself!  He needs Mommy's help once he's up, but is so proud of himself after he pulls up.  He just looks at me and smiles so big and lets out a high pitched squeal!  He knows he is turning in to such a big boy.
Time has flown by!  I know that I'm going to miss these days of James squealing and laughing at Mommy and Daddy dancing to music.  He is such a sweet boy as he loves to smile and coo all day long.  James also started "kissing" when he puts it's open mouth up to your cheek and either blows or makes a "ahh" sound.  He is just too sweet!
As an 8 month old, James is getting into everything.  I'm a little relieve that he's not mobile yet, because I'm exhausted from taking things out of his mouth from just him sitting still! 
To give you a little idea of a few minutes in the life of having an 8 month old, here's how it went trying to get a decent picture of him this time





Phew!  I'm exhausted just looking at the photos!  But's it worth every minute of it!