September 23, 2013

James Turns One!

On August 29th, my Baby Boy turned One Year Old!  This year has been the BEST year of our lives!  We have enjoyed watching this little baby turn into such a handsome and sweet boy.  He lights up our lives in a way we never expected.
Only a few tears were shed on his birthday :)  We started the day off singing happy birthday to him.  Then, I brought cupcakes to his classroom and we had a "mini" party for him!  When daddy came home from work, we had baked spaghetti (made by Nanny of course) and a smash cake bought by KoKo.  He liked the spaghetti as usual but LOVED the cake!  He definitely has a sweet tooth like his mommy :)
That weekend, we traveled to Nannie and Grandpa's and had a Pool Party to celebrate his turning one!  The theme was whales and sailboats.  When going through these pictures, don't think I'm become this crafty mommy.  I'm still a wanna-be and purchased everything from a store on etsy :)
All of our friends and family from down South came and we ate hotdogs, shrimp, "seaweed dip", "fish food", and watermelon.

Don't forget the cake!  Publix made an awesome cupcake cake in the shape of a sailboat with a whale smash cake.  It turned out perfect!

After Round 1 of swimming, we sang happy birthday and smashed some cake!
Here are some more pics from the party

Davis was such a help opening presents

Uncle John, Aunt Amy, and Thomas gave James a Cozy Coupe.  He LOVED IT!!  He strolled around in it all afternoon and laughed the whole time!

Put the boy who love it the most was Thomas!  I've never seen him laugh so much before!  James was such a good sport to let Thomas ride in his Cozy Coupe with him :)

We had a great time celebrating James' One year old birthday.  It was a day that I will never forget.  We love you so much James  and we look forward to next year and the adventures to come!