May 16, 2012

Charleston and Savannah

So, we've finally got the pictures uploaded from our much needed vacation to Charleston and savannah.  This trip began the day after tax day and consisted of relaxing, eating, and just not working the entire time.

When we arrived in Charleston, we checked in at the bed and breakfast and then quickly headed out to see the town.  We had a delicious southern lunch at Poogan's Porch.  I would definitely recommend this place for lunch in Charleston.  It is well worth the wait!

Then we decided to hop on a carriage ride and have a guided tour around the City.  And let me tell you, this City is beautiful!!  We took alot of pictures of the hosues.  They are amazing and remind me a lot of Mobile.

This is our tour guide and the horse that escorted us around.

After the tour, we decided to walk around the city a little before heading back to the bed and breakfast.  We found this gorgeous fountain and rainbow road!

Needless to say, we I was exhausted!  I was not used to walking around this much since I had been pregnant.  I mean, I was carrying around like 10 extra pounds than I was used to.  So, we took a nap before heading to dinner that night. Oh, by the end of this trip, that 10 pounds quickly grew to several more!!!  Watch out!

The next day, we woke up pretty early since we didn't have a very late night.  I also found out that being pregnant while on vacation means early nights in.  Apparantly, there is not much to do at night after dinner that doesn't involve alcohol :)

After a delicious breakfast made by the cooks at the Bed and Breakfast, we drove to Magnolia Plantation.  This was pretty much an old house on a lot of land.  Lucky for us, there was petting zoo! 

This deer followed Erol around the WHOLE time we were in the petting zoo.  I think she had a little crush on him :)

I fed the goat...

He was a little scary.

Then, we walked around the plantation's gardens. 

We found this albino peacock in the gardens.  Isn't it beautiful??  Pictures do not do it any justice.

After another nap at our B&B, we headed out for dinner to the Isle of Palms Island.  We dined at the Boat House Inn which was recommended to us by several people.  And now I know why!  It was delicious!  But before dinner, we walked the beaches of South Carolina.  I loved this part of our trip because the scenery reminded me of almost all of Pat Conroy's books.  And if you've ever read one (and i've read them all), you know what I mean.

Just a note... this is me at 20 weeks or so.  My belly about doubled in size since we left Birmingham.  It was all the good food I was eating!!

After dinner, we went back to the B&B so we could get a good nights rest before we headed to Savannah.  Some people have asked us if we liked staying in a Bed and Breakfast.  We loved it!  Our room was very quiet and the people who worked there were very nice!  It was also nice walking downstairs every morning to coffee and a homemade breakfast.  We were the youngest people to stay there by about 30 years, but everyone was friendly and talkative.  Maybe we will save our next B&B stay for when baby wallace is in highschool... or college :)

On Saturday, we headed to Savannah for one night.  And I thought that Charleston looked a little like Mobile... wow!  Savannah was Mobile in Georgia!!  However, Savannah was more beautiful with SO much more to do!  We walked around the squares and the River Walk.

I found out one thing about Savannah... this is a drinking town!  Everyone was drinking around the whole town!  Well, everyone but this pregnant lady :)  There were bars on every corner and in between!  I felt a little left out so I splurged and got an ice cream cone while Erol drank a beer.  Dangerous!

Saturday night, we went to a wonderful local restaurant called the Olde Pink House.  If you are ever in Savannah, you MUST go to this restaurant.  It is a very old house that has a great story to it.  We sat in the basement part of the restaurant that was lit by candles and had a piano man in the corner.  It was very romantic!  On top of the very cool, Savnnah-like atmosphere, the food was wonderful!  I will go back every time I go Savannah! YUMMY!

After dinner, we hopped in the back of a pedi-cab.  This is a taxi in which you sit in a two seater carriage while one person pulls you around town on a bike.  It was so much fun and the weather was so nice that night!  Our pedi-cab driver drove us around town for about 20 minutes giving us his best attempt at a little tour.  Here is a picture of a house we took along the way...

We had such a great time in Charleston and Savannah.  This was my first time in both cities and I loved them both for totally different reasons!  I can not wait to go back for another visit.  Maybe next time I won't be carrying around a baby in my belly...