July 16, 2013

10 Months

Recently, (like 2 weeks ago), our little bugaboo turned 10 months old!  He weighs approximately 20 pounds and is 29 inches long.  He is staying very healthy and happy as he approaches the end of his infant months.
James is crawling around EVERYWHERE

And pointing at EVERYTHING

James is full of energy and full of life!  He loves playing with his wooden truck that his great-grandfather gave him and he loves "throwing" his mickey ball around.  He is really understanding a lot more of what people are saying.  He points to his truck with you say "where's your truck?" and he points to his ball and book as well.  He has said three words now: "Da-da", "Ma-ma", and "Baaawwlll" for Ball.  He is so smart!
He is still eating 30 ounces of formula a day along with baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However, he has just started becoming interested in table food.  Day care says that he really trying everything they serve.  James is taking two naps a day (about 3 hours total) and sleeps about 10 hours at night!!
For the Fourth of July weekend, we headed south to Nannie and Grandpa's to celebrate our country's independence and the marriage of a very close friend of ours.  On the Fourth, we swam in the pool all day

And enjoyed just relaxing with the whole family outside

Happy Birthday, America!!!

The next day, we went to visit his great-grandparents in Mobile.  We ate some yummy seafood for lunch and then took some pictures with Daddy and Pa

Everyday with this little angel is so precious to us.  We love his energy and his spirit.  His smile never gets old and his laughter is music to our ears!