February 21, 2012

28 Weeks To Go!!!

So as most of you know we are expecting our first BABY this year!!!  The official due date is September 4th!!! I am now 12 weeks pregnant today, so that's 28 more to go!

Why have I not posted this great news yet?  Well, I would say, that I have been feeling a little "under the weather" for about 6 or 7 weeks now.  When I think about being pregnant, I get sick.  When I eat, I get sick.  When I don't eat, I get sick.  When I work, I get sick and when I don't work, I get sick!  So, needless to say I've been holding off blogging about it so I wouldn't get sick.  Mission failed because I feel a little nausea coming on as I type this.  Blah!

I went to my 12 week doctor's appointment today and he gave me some medicine to help with the pain.  I hope this sucker kicks in soon because mommy-to-be is getting sick of this... literally.

We will be finding out the sex of our precious baby on April 3rd!  I think that Erol wants a boy but I know if it's a girl, he will be wrapped around her little finger.  But, we will have to wait and see!!

Until then, I will just be busy doing tax returns and dreaming about the days when feeling good was the norm.  I will try to keep you all updated on the progress of our baby as much as I can.  Erol and I are really looking forward to this wonderful journey we are about to embark! We better hold on tight, because it may be a bumpy ride!!