August 22, 2013

11 Months!

A few weeks ago, James turned 11 months old. He weighs about 21.5 pounds but I'm not sure how long he is.  He growing into such a handsome boy and learning so much every day!
James still loves to read books, throw around his Mickey Ball, and play with his toy truck.  His obsession with Mickey Mouse in only growing bigger by the day :)  Every time Mickey Mouse comes on the television, he squeals, points, and attempts to say "Mickey!" but sounds more like "EEE EEEE!!"
He loves riding in the wagon at Nannie and Grandpa's too!
He still has yet to take his first unassisted steps.  But, we are working on it everyday.  It was walk holding your hand or the couch, but just doesn't quite have the courage to let go :)
In just one week, my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD!  I know this is cliche' to say, but I really can't believe how time has flown!  It seems just like yesterday.....  I am actually some what dreading next Thursday.  I'm not quite ready for a toddler and I am definitely not ready for my baby to grow up :(  On the other hand, I'm excited about what's to come in the next year.  I'm looking forward to watching is curiosity grow and his mind, heart and spirit develop into the wonderful person that I know he's going to be! 
He has added so much joy to our lives.  A type of joy that I never knew existed.