April 12, 2012


Okay, Okay... I know it has been a awhile since I've last blogged.  You must forgive me as tax season was here and I had no time for anything to do with my personal life. 

Here's an update:

We have been so busy with work that we have already spread our great news... We are having a Baby BOY!!!!!  We were sooo thrilled to find out that it was boy.  I had myself convinced that it was a girl but secretly, I wanted a baby boy.  I was so happy to find out that it was a boy that I cried every time I thought about it for the entire day!

We do not have a name for our little boy yet, but there has been discussion.  I will let you know when we come up with one.  We also do not have a crib, clothes, bottles, or anything for him yet so now that tax season is ending, I better start planning!

So the countdown begins...

Five days until TAX DAY!! Which means I get my weekends and my life back!  This tax season has been rough on the whole family this year. Can't even talk about it...

Six days until we pack up the car for our babymoon.  We are heading to Charleston via Augusta next Wedneday night.  We will spend Thursday and Friday night in Charleston and then drive to Savannah on Saturday for one night.  I am SO excited to finally get out of town and have an adventure.  I have been wanting to go to Charleston for about 10 years now.  So, for Christmas, Erol put together this little vacation for us!

Three weeks until our first beach trip.  I look forward to just relaxing on the beach and doing nothing. All day.

Ten weeks until the first day of summer.  Which doesn't really mean much except that summer time is awesome :)

Twenty weeks until sweet baby Wallace arrives! I can't believe that it's already half way over.  I can't say that it has all been fun and games but I am looking forward to the second half of this journey to motherhood.  And I know Erol is getting very anxious to meet our little man as well.

Now, I will end by giving some much needed praise to my wonderful husband.  Erol has been the MOST supportive, MOST understanding husband that ever lived during the last few months.  He has endured sleepless nights, dinners made of peanut butter crackers or cereal, dirty clothes, and the moaning and groaning of a pregnant wife for about 16 weeks now.  He is truly amazing and I am so thankful that he chose ME for his wife.  He is my best friend and a blessing in my life.

Sorry to end on a cheesy note, but it needed to be said.  I better get back to finishing tax returns and planning our Charleston/Savannah trip.  I will be sure to let you know how it goes!!