July 10, 2012

Celebrating Sweet Baby James!

For those who do not know, we have finally come up with a name for our baby boy!  His name will be James Bedsole Wallace.  James comes from Erol's grandfather whom Erol is very close to.  Bedsole... well, that one is obvious.  It comes from my family name!

The past few weekends, we have really enjoyed celebrating Baby James with friends and family.  First, my sweet girlfriends in Birmingham threw me an awesome shower at our friends' Nick and Mindy's house.  Nick is a chef and did the cooking for it.  Everything was delicious!  Here are some pictures of the food, just to brag a little...

Mindy is a party planner so she did all the decorations.  They were so adorable!

This is me at 30 weeks...

I had friends come in to Birmingham from all over! 

Annie came to town all the way from Boston

Britney and Owen came down from Decatur

I had such a blast with all of my Birmingham friends.  It was so much fun and we got a lot of great stuff for Baby James!

This past weekend, I had another shower in Mobile (our hometown) that was hosted by my sister in-law and family friends.  It was held at my brother and sister in-law's new house and it was perfect!  Everyone worked so hard to make it special... and it truly was! There were alot of people there, including highschool friends, highschool teachers, and close family friends.  There were a few family members there as well!  The food was excellent and the party was fantastic!

Look at all these gifts!!

Cute cookies for everyone!

We got some really great stuff and some really cute clothes!

Grandpa (my dad) sent over a gift.  I know you can't read it but the hat says "Grandpa's #1 fishing buddy"!  So cute!

Here I am with the hostess with the mostess!  I am now at 32 weeks.  Terrible picture of me but a great one of Amy.

We feel so blessed to have so many people who care about our son before he even arrives!  We couldn't ask for better friends and family to share this special time with.  We are looking forward to more celebrations this weekend as we prepare for the arrival of Sweet Baby James!