January 14, 2014

Christmas at the Wallaces

(Picture courtesy of my very talented cousin, Claire Roberts)
Christmas with James was so much fun this year!  At 16 months, he knew what Santa looked like and that he said "Ho! Ho! Ho!".  Other than that, he really didn't get the whole Santa idea.  He loved to point out pictures of Santa and say "Ho, Ho, Ho!" Such a cutie!
We are starting new Christmas traditions at the Wallace house.  This year, it involved going to Mass on Christmas Eve (and by going to Mass, I mean watching James roll around on the floor the entire time.  I would say I was embarrassed but he wasn't the only baby at the Children's Mass.  When in Rome?).  After Mass, KoKo came over for dinner and then we put James to bed at his regular time of 8:00 so that we could prepare for Santa's arrival!
The next morning, I think I was more excited that anyone for James to see what Santa brought him.  As we walked into the living room, I was really talking Santa up.  I was telling him that Santa came last night and brought so many toys for him to play with.  He seemed excited, until he saw it...
He saw the rocking horse that Santa had left near the Christmas tree.  From first sight, James hated it.  Scared. Cried.  Pointed to his room and wanted to go back.  Erol pressed the horses ear and it made a noise.  Made it worse.  James cried harder.  Oh well for that.
Once we calmed James down and showed him the other toys that Santa brought, he started warming up to the whole idea of Christmas.  He played and played all day with his toys.  He loved opening his stocking and pulling out new things to play with.  Finally, we had a happy boy!
Nannie and Grandpa gave him his own chair.  He loved it right away and sat in it immediately.

Every now and then we would try the rocking horse again.  He would fuss and turn his head.  He will warm up to it one day and love it.  Right?
For lunch, KoKo came over and I made Christmas brunch.  We played outside for a while and then played with all the toys more inside. 

The day after Christmas, we packed up the car and headed down south to Nannie and Grandpa's early in the morning.  We were prepared for another day of Christmas celebrations!  That afternoon, Uncle John, Aunt Amy, and Thomas came over for dinner and more present opening!  It was crazy having two one year olds at my parents opening presents. Crazy, but totally fun! 

James had a blast the entire Christmas break.  I was beginning to get concerned that he would expect everyday to be Christmas Day.  Luckily, reality set in quick :)

All in all, I would say that it was a great Christmas.  We are so blessed to have so many people to spend the holidays with.  I enjoyed every minute of it and I look forward to starting more traditions every year!
Ho! Ho! Ho!